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December 31st, 2003

07:25 pm: NEW YEAR 2004
May you only make resolutions you will keep.
And keep only the resolutions you make.

At midnight, Downunder, I shall be raise a glass to absent friends both old and new.


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December 30th, 2003

02:33 pm: Tasmanian will soon have a same-sex couples register
Not sure if anyone has seen this article, I have added the web site address but am not sure if I have done it correctly so I added the story as well. Thought it may be interested considering what is happening in the USA at the moment regarding gay marriages.

Personally I don't understand why gay couples cannot be married the same as non-gay couples but that would be me.



Tassie same-sex couples register
December 30, 2003

THE last state in Australia to decriminalise homosexuality is poised to become the first to allow same-sex couples to officially register their relationship.

The Tasmanian registration scheme for a range of "significant and caring" relationships will officially begin when the state Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages reopens for business on Friday.
Designed to put such relationships on a more equal footing with traditional marital unions in the eyes of the law, the register is part of the Tasmanian government's Relationships Act, which comes into effect on Thursday.

The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, which led the protracted campaign that achieved gay law reform in 1997, said registration was the next best thing to marriage.

"In the absence of gay marriage, registration is the clearest way for society and government to show they acknowledge and approve of same-sex relationships," group spokesman Rodney Croome said today in a statement.

"This is an important step forward for relationships which have long endured stigma and discrimination.

"I'd be thrilled to see a Tasmanian-style scheme adopted by all other states and the commonwealth."

"As well as being the first registration scheme in Australia for same-sex couples, the Tasmanian partnership registry is the first in the world for other types of significant relationships like older companions and carers and the people they care for."

He said the Relationships Act would give a range of personal unions equal status to married couples in virtually all Tasmanian laws.

December 25th, 2003

I hope I have done this correctly. Time will tell. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas/ Joyful Winter Solstice/ Happy Hanukkah or whatever your particular celebration is. We have just returned home from our camping ground (our camping ground is a 5 star hotel with room service, spa, king size bed, room service, spa, Internet Connection, room service, spa, cable TV, did I mention room service, spa?) J We had a family breakfast at the hotel, which was yumo, so now it is home to the kittens as perhaps a little nap or TV and naturally the computer. I hope that Santa was generous to each and every one of you and he stuffed your stocking full. We don't exchange presents; the camping trip is what we give each other, just a family meal. Birthdays however are full of gift giving and fun. It is about 34.5 degrees Celsius here (about 93 degrees USA style) so I am off to each some chocolate dipped strawberry's with fresh cream and ice cream and then to peruse the computer. Please take extra care if you are driving this holiday and have a Very Merry day. Hugz Patricia Dragonweir Downunder 1:59 25 Dec 2003

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